Phone Book of the / Annuaire du, un site web invente  la Cremerie de Paris

Porte Marguerite de Navarre
(Chatelet les Halles sortie 1)
the new entrance gate to the center of Paris
to arrive in the Marais, Hôtel de Ville
and the arrondissement

Marguerite de Navarre is facing the Cremeries de Paris,
"meeting place of the World's most famous Brands"
that set up iconic Pop Up Stores. / Very Beautiful

direct connection
with the airports Charles de Gaulle and Orly
and all Paris trains stations,
gare Saint Lazrare, gare du Nord, gare de l'Est, gare de Lyon,
gare de Montparnasse, gare de Marne la Vallé

warning ... using the metro to come to 75004 can be very time consuming,
unless you are on M1, getting to Hotel de Ville or Saint Paul
takes a long time.

Instead of getting lost in connecting subway tunnels,
use the brand new Marguerite de Navarre exit,
Chatelet les Halles sortie 1

leaving the escalators you already see the Centre Pompidou
which invites you for a short walk towards 75004.

While passing by have a look at the different Pop Up Stores
located at the Cremerie de Paris,
according to New York's 5th Avenue
one of the world's most famous Brand Expo locations.